Virtual Strongbox

Virtual Strong Box is basically a safety deposit box, but it’s also convenient because you can access it online, through your smart phone or your computer. It’s customizable, and it’s only for you to see, unless you would like to share it. Virtual Strong Box can securely share any of your important documents with your accountant, or your family member. It stores electronic copies of your most important documents like your will, your passport, your birth certificate, your insurance policy, and it’s backed up by our super secure, multi-factor security system that’s monitoring it 24 hours a day. Another tool that Virtual Strong Box offers is that you can share these important documents with your accountant, your family member. If you don’t share it, you’re the only one that can see ’em. The best thing is that you can access any of these documents whenever and wherever you are by just signing on to your online banking. Always be prepared for anything that comes your way. Give us a call and we can help you set up your online banking and your Virtual Strong Box.

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