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CentralAlliance wants to be your resource for good financial management, which includes making sure your credit score is the best it can be, that’s why we’re offering Credit Sense! Did you know, many products and services you buy are priced based on your credit score? Statistics show you can save as much as $30,000 in interest on a $100,000 home over 30 years, if you have a score above 740 versus one below 640. It’s critical to know what your score is, especially when you might be trying to rebuild it. Having a good credit score can SAVE you money down the road.

With CentralAlliance’s Credit Sense, your Credit Score is just the beginning! You will also receive:

credit sense score
A Financial Report Card-
With tips on how to improve your score in each area of your credit profile such as Credit Usage, Total Balances, Payment History, Credit Age and Recent Credit.
credit sense compare
FREE Credit Monitoring-
That will alert you when your credit profile has changed and help you stop potential fraud.

credit sense offers
Money Saving Offers-
We also do a comparison of your current credit and show you how you can save money by refinancing from other lenders to CentralAlliance Credit Union.

Sign into Virtual Branch to view your score and take advantage of this helpful financial tool that will help you improve your financial well- being!

*CentralAlliance Credit Union is an Equal Housing Opportunity Lender. Deposits insured by the NCUA. Member must have Virtual Branch access in order to access Credit Sense.

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